Below you will find links to some of the sites I like to visit, so, if you find my site interesting you may like to have a look at these as well:

Chicago Cabaret Professionals - As the name implies.

Girls Like Us - An amazing trio of harmonizing women of which I am 1/3rd!

Beckie Menzie - A wonderful musician and composer and 1/3rd of Girls Like Us!

Marianne Murphy-Orland - A lovely Chicago vocalist and entertainer and 1/3 of Girls Like Us!

Tom Michael - Fantastic local cabaret artist and friend!

Davenports - Another fantastic place for cabaret in Chicago.

Petterino's - Restaurant featuring open mic Monday’s.

Anomalous Media - Ad media, video and audio, web and more.

Lori Ecker - A friend and fellow performer in Indianapolis.

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